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      Company Profile

      Korrun Co., Ltd. is a company committed to users’ travel and experience. With cross-industry elites from the fields of IT, Internet, and the Fortune Global 500, it keeps improving itself and challenging tradition, taking it as its core value and mission to improve people’s travel gears and experience.

      In the early years of its establishment, the Company was devoted to improving the travel experience of business travelers. Capitalizing on thestrengths in its R&D and independent designs, capability in globalized sales, and powerful capacityin lean production, the Companyhas provideda great many ofusers with a variety of travel luggage products through its cooperation with such major clientsas HP, ASUS, Lenovo, Dell, Decathlon, and Samsonite.

      In 2015, Korrun and Xiaomi cofounded Runmi Technology, aMIEcosystem company, with its stock shares controlled by Korrun,hence the launchof the self-owned brand of 90FUN, a lifestyle-oriented brand aimed for “quality travels” and advocatinga lifestyle stressing “lightness, fun, vitality, and quality.”Its brand keywordis built on“good-looking, practical, reasonable price, and user-friendly.” The productshavebecomehighly popular ever since its first launch. In 2016, 90FUN was ranked as the best-selling single product in its Singles’ Day debut. So far, RunmiTechnology haswonstrategic investments from JD.COM and drawn attention from a number of well-known institutional investors in the field of consumer products.

      Korrun was successfully listed in the A-shares of Chinese stock market on December 21, 2016. With this new platform, the Company shall make more deep-rooted and thorough operationsin the industry and devote to building itself as a solid fortress to brace forcompetition. No matter whether it is in raw materials, manufacturing processes, or combiningcompany products with such technologies as wearable intelligence and humanbody intelligent data collection,it shall put efforts to try and break through, creatingmore extensions in terms of business modes and making moreattemptsand explorationsin the possibilitiesin terms oftravel services, software-hardware integration, and so on.