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      Culture and Values

      Values of Korrun

      Commitment to ProductsAny great company is based on great products.

      Commitment to Technology High-tech is incorporated to products.

      Commitment to Innovation Innovationscarried out in products, management, and the business model.

      Commitment to Efficiency A company pursuing the best efficiency.

      Commitment to LearningEvery Korrun memberis expected to keep on learning.

      Return to Essence of BusinessThe more traditional and low-end a productis, the more fundamental, sustainable and viable it is.

      Vision of Korrun

      To makepeople think of Korrun and 90FUN whenever travel products are mentioned in the global market.

      Mission of Korrun

      To upgradepeople’s travel in quality, elegance, convenience, and comfort.

      The Enterprise & Events

      Office Lobby of the Administrative Building

      Good working and livingenvironments delight people. Korrun is known not only for its modernized office space and garden-like factory campus but also for its facilities of basketball courts, activity center, coffeehouse, library, and fitness gym,which take further care of its employees’rich and healthy life afterthey finish their workincomfort.

      Planning Meeting of Korrun Co., Ltd., 2017

      Preparedness ensures success and unpreparedness spells failure.The planning meeting is a tradition thatKorrun has kept since 2009.Itis also the most important eventfor the company at the beginning of eachyear. Through this meeting, the company getsacrossits development directions and objectives to each of its employees so that they are more confident in their company and clearer aboutthe direction fortheir efforts in the coming year.

      Senior staffsinging the corporate song “On the Way”

      Every year sees a carnival involving all the employees of Korrun, whereall colleagues from home and abroad gather together, bidding farewell to the old year and greeting the coming year in their own unique ways--singing, dancing, performing cross-talks, short plays, stage plays, and magic, showing off theirversatile talent. Compared to the name of New Year Party, people at Korrun would rather call it Korrun Spring Festival Gala. The photo shows several senior executives singing the corporate song “On the Way.”

      Champions rushing for the finish line in Hiking Challenge2016

      In order to deepen the bond of comradeshipamong the employees, the company organizes various team building activitiesevery year. These activities allow the employees to forget about work and pressure whileimpressing their colleagues withtheir true grit. On the way forward, things may change, but the company they are kept will remain unchanged. The photo shows the champions rushing for the finish line in a hiking challenge.

      The Fantastic 90FUN

      90FUN is a very young brand, supported by a young team of the 90’s generation teeming withyouthful energy, imagination, and creativity but holding hardheaded attitude andcommitmentto ultimate pursuit.

      90FUN Carnival

      As a company paying close attention to user experience, Korrun runs thebrand of 90FUN to pushthe best user experience to the utmost. Each of itstransformation and growth is accomplished amidst the mixture ofcriticism and approval fromthe users. The photo shows the celebration of its first anniversary, participated in by some of its fans.