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            1、MI 5 Mobile OutdoorShock-proofProtective Case

            Fancy outlook Super-strong protection Of cool outdoor design style, the protectivecaseadoptsSabic PC and natural BayerTPUfor the two-color injection mouldto provide double protection, tough on the outsideand soft on the inside,making it highly shock-proof.

            Non-slip design with comfortablegrip The grooved soft rubber on bothsides provide thorough slipresistance and comfortable grip.

            The track-like design ofbumpsprovides protection againstshocks while allowing good heat dissipation.
            Effective protection for thescreen The all-roundsoft frameenhancesthe shock-proof buffertofully protectthescreen. Withthe edge 1mm higher than the screen, the screen will not be damaged evenwhen dropped.

            2、MI 5 Mobile Liquid Silicone Rubber Protective Case

            Tough outside and soft inside, highly protective
            The application ofPC+LSR liquid silicone rubberinjection mouldtechnology covers the hard PC surface with a thin coating of silicone rubber to make it tough on the outside and soft on the inside,providingboth good gripand excellent protection.

            Silky touch
            A special layer of matte oil spraying treatmentgivesit a touch as silky as your skin, a delightful experience of handling. Themeticulously designed shape closely fits the official pattern of the phone in every detail.

            3、MI Pad2 Fabric-finish SmartFlip Protective Cover

            Superior ultra-fiber fabric imported from Korea
            The protective cover is made of selectultra-fiber fabric from Koreato provide good protection as well as comfortable touch.

            Auto wake and sleep to save more power.
            The deviceis automatically awaked when the screen flap is opened, and locked to sleep when the flapis closed.
            No poweris drained when the tablet is not in use;it’seasy to operate.

            Horizontal/vertical support
            The two-way kickstand support gives you a free choice to find appropriate viewing angleforany scene,
            freeup your arms, and prevent your eyes from being tired.

            4、Redmi 3 Fancy Flip Protective Cover

            Flip design Fashionable and durable The flip design gives full protection tothe phone, with the screen protected and the body keptclean.It protects your phone from the wear caused by frequent use.

            Leading integrative processing The integrative processing utilizesthe independently-developed seamless attachment technology to generatepowerful buffereffects when the phone drops to the ground,working effectivelyto minimize the possibility of screen cracks.

            Faux lambskinoffers skin-like touch. Special PU leather offers not onlyskin-like touch but alsoenhancedscratch resistance and soil-proofproperties. Even the bare screenwill be protected from scratches.

            5 vibranttrendy colors cover"your preferences".