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      Press Release

      The Collection of Mr. Fan’s speaking in 2019 Annual Planning Conference 2019-04-03

      The Collection of Mr. Fan’s speaking in 2019 Annual Planning Conference

      1. Get Bolder

      Audacious ideas are often overlooked. If you don't have creative ideas at every critical stage of history, you will be eliminated. The audacious idea is a common feature of the world's top companies. We need to start with the end in mind and think about what kind of company Korrun will turn into in a decade.


      2. Dig Deeper

      It is not always the truth that the thing with a fabulous appearance is actually valuable. We are trying to complete a business that actually respect for the commercial law, and respect for the laws of the natural world. We can become the leading company in the industry through the long-term unstoppable insist. I hope that we could dig deeper to focus on the material-level research and development. Only in this way can we maintain a long-term competitive advantage.


      3. Radar System

      Radar system can scan the whole industries, not only our industry, but also the transboundary Internet industry. It can scan some new business models, new business information and new business talents in China today. We need to transfer these business model into our traditional industry today to ensure that we are always more advanced, forward-looking and future-oriented than our competitors in this industry.

      Meanwhile, we need to draw lessons from more excellent companies in this industry in terms of their model. Drawing on their experience is the most efficient way for us to improve the current situation.


      3. Core Competencies of High-quality Companies

      A company or a brand needs three competencies to be powerful, respectively the channel power, the brand power, and the product power.


      4. The Construction of Core Team

      As for each core position, we have to sort out its core competences, so we can check if the one in this positon matches the position. The first thing a team leader should do is to do a good job of the recruitment of core team. In addition, the core group members must be recruited by yourselves, not by HR.


      5. The Basic Logic and Boundary

      There are basic logics in this industry: first, a big market’ second, traditional competitors; third, the easier and more origin, the more fundamental and more dynamic.

      Our vision is to be a respected world-class travel FMCG company, which decides our boundary. Every company has a boundary to decide what you should do and what you shouldn’t.


      6. Value

      Our basic vision is to ensure each product can bring the true value for our customers. Similarly, we hope that the company can create more value for the society in terms of paying taxes to the state or taking more social responsibilities. Meanwhile, we hope that Korrun has its own style that because of the existence of this group of people, people around the word can travel more elegant, more portable, more comfortable, and more confident.


      7. Product Sentiment

      We always believe that: each great company is based on a great product, we will always pursue an extremely good product, we will always be a company with product sentiment, only by focusing on improving products, can the company bring long-term user value, and always believe that the user can provide feedbacks. Every product you make with your heart will be reflected in the user's inner feelings.


      8. Those who want to take shortcuts end up taking a detour.

      I hope Korrun could keep digging, keep accumulating our deep competitiveness, and not be prone to outside attractions, and stick to our independence. The premise of perseverance is that we have to think at the bottom. Only when you think clearly can we persevere.

      Likewise, as for everyone, you need to consider your career planning, not from the perspective of if you can find a better position, but from the perspective of how to make a long-term plan for your career, and what is your personal basic logic.


      9. Self-reliance is Tenacity

      Only if you are strong enough, can you be strong constantly. So, no matter how bad the external environment is today, as long as you are strong enough, so-called good opportunities will come.